A colossal tragedy

I am doing my Greek exegesis paper on Col 3.1-4 now, and I just want to share this bit from F. F. Bruce:

“Christianity survived in the Lycus Valley [Colossae, Hierapolis, and Laodicea], as in many other parts of Asia Minor, until 1923. The Treaty of Lausanne, which ended the Greco-Turkish war of 1922-23, made provision for the wholesale exchange of the Greek residents in Turkey (apart from Constantinople [or Istanbul]) and the Turkish residents in Greece. When the exchange of populations took place, it was carried through effectively on a religious basis. Greek-speaking Muslims in Greece were counted as Turks and transferred to Turkey; Turkish-speaking Christians in Turkey were counted as Greeks and transferred to Greece. A removal of ancient lampstands on this scale, however intelligible it may be in terms of international politics, must be deplored as a tragedy by anyone with a sense of Christian history.” (F. F. Bruce, “Jews and Christians in the Lycus Valley,” BibSac 141 (1984) p.3-15)


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