Singapore corporate welfare

It must be really nice to be SBS and SMRT. You performed really badly, then the government bailed you out with taxpayers’ money to improve your service. To add insult to the injury, you then asked for a fare hike (!!) — and, incredibly, it shall be given unto you. On the part of the SBS/SMRT, the request is shameless, given that the train breakdowns are still frequent and don’t show any signs of improvement, the train arrival estimate is getting more unreliable (when it says that the train will come in 2 mins, don’t hold your breath), and the train is actually going slower now. On the part of the government, well, Singapore ruling party is averse to the notion of welfare state and always preaches ‘self-reliance’, but it seems that they don’t have any qualms at all to give welfare to these corporations. Justice, in reverse: Taxing the people to subsidize non-performing corporations.


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