Theology as baby talk

“We hold that that the reason why God allows himself to have conversation with human beings is his love for humanity (philanthropian). Because that which is finite by nature cannot rise above its own limits in order to lay hold of the transcendent nature of the Most High, he brings down to the level of our weakness his loving power, as a gift and help to us, according to our capacity to receive it…

[T]he divine power, while being infinitely exalted above our nature and inaccessible to approach, is like a compassionate mother who joins in the inarticulate cries of her infants, and so grants to our human nature what it is capable of receiving. Thus, in the various divine manifestations to humanity, he presents himself in a form appropriate to human beings and speaks in human language and puts on the guise of anger and pity and such emotions, so that by everything that corresponds by our infantile life, we might be led by the hand by providential words and lay hold of the divine nature.” (Gregory of Nyssa, Contra Eunomium, 2.417-20)


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