More upcoming NTW books


Looking at the cover design, The Case for the Psalms (September 2013) must be the third instalment of NTW’s recent series in HarperOne, after Simply Jesus (2010) and How God Became King (2012), though I have no idea what the over-arching theme of this series is.

Breaking Beautiful: The Promise of Truth in a Fractured World (July 2013) is a result of his collaboration with Tim Suttle of Paperback Theology.

And, the good news. You can start pre-ordering NTW’s big Paul volumes coming up this November. I have compared the prices in Amazon, Fishpond, and Bookdepository, and here are the prices as of May 15, 2013:

Title Amazon Fishpond Bookdepot
Paul and the Faithfulness of God $191.80 $89.97 $91.22
Paul and His Recent Interpreters $42.79 $39.97
Pauline Perspectives: Essays on Paul, 1978-2013 $56.06 $70.73

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