More Greeks

1. A note from my Greek class. Ephesians 4:5 reads, “One Lord, one faith, one baptism.” (coincidentally, this is the motto of my church) In English, all of them are simply ‘one’. But there are three genders for Greek words, and the forms for ‘one’ are εις, μια, and εν. And Eph 4:5 reads: εις κυριος, μια πιστις, εν βαπτισμα. The word for ‘Lord’ (κυριος) is masculine, ‘faith’ (πιστις) is feminine, and ‘baptism’ (βαπτισμα) is neuter, and hence you get all these three forms of ‘one’ lining up nicely together, expressing the idea of one-ness in different ways.

2. Rev. Chandra mentioned about καλός (beautiful, good, noble) and αγαθός (good, virtuous) in his last sermons. In fact, there is a phrase combining the two ideas of good: καλος καγαθος, which describes an ideal personality.

2a. Also, there is a fine line between good (καλός) and evil (κακός).


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