I have been watching Running Man recently, and after that I read more about (South) Korean entertainment culture on the net. I learnt about this thing called Hallyu (Korean wave), a term to describe Korean cultural export to the world, which is pretty successful, I guess, with all those idol groups etc. Then I realized that the contrast couldn’t be greater with their Northern brothers and sisters.

North Korea is the most isolated country in the world. They can even make their only friend now, China, to be angry after their last nuclear test. They are isolating themselves and they are really proud of it.

On the other hand, South Korea is determined to export every single aspect of their nation to the world, be it their religion (South Korean missionaries 2nd only to the US, or are they first already?), their culture (entertainment, even the word Hallyu itself perhaps deliberately echoes Hollywood), their food (not as globalized as Japanese food yet, but it is getting there), etc. (To think about it, they are pretty much like the US.)


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