YHWH-Israel, Christ-church

1. October 20, 2012: Weddings at BBPC, ORPC, St. Mary of the Angels, GKY, and GRII. National Wedding Day. (Confession: We considered this date as well.)

2. Given my propensity to lose my things, I think I should have engraved my contact number on my ring instead.

3. Last Sunday in church we discussed Eph 5.22-33, where Paul talked about his injunctions to husbands and wives. As I have noted here quite often, Paul subverted the cultural convention of his time by saying that husbands also have their duties to their wives, and not only wives to their husbands. But here we also see his use of the larger scriptural context. Of course, he mentioned explicitly the reference from the story of Adam and Eve (or, to be more accurate, re-interpreted the story in the light of Christ), but I think throughout the passage he was implicitly using one of the prominent metaphors to describe the relationship between God and his people: Israel as the bride and YHWH as the bridegroom. And we all remembered very well how Israel did as a bride. She flirted a lot with other gods, and more often than not was called out as a whore, no matter how much YHWH again and again tried to woo her back. In that context we shall understand Paul’s injunction to the “wives” (i.e., the church) to submit themselves to Christ, who, like YHWH, has loved his bride so much. Christ, indeed, has given his life to his people, and the only appropriate way to respond to this love is to submit to him. In other words, the people of God must learn from their horrible past. They (we, indeed) have been flirting around with other gods, and now it’s the time to stop it.


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