Last first, first last

1. Eschatos protos, protos eschatos is an example of eschatos protos, protos eschatos. “The last will be first, the first will be last” is a quite delicious word-play by Jesus.

2. Contrary to a very popular Christian wedding song, I seriously don’t think that God was thinking about me when he created my wife (and vice versa). It might sound romantic but it is too me-centered to my taste.

3. Paul is right. Faith of an unbelieving husband can, indeed, be sustained through his wife.

4. Jesus & Paul challenged and moved beyond some conventions of their age to build their own ethics. Conservatives see the results of this move-ment. Progressives see the fact that Jesus & Paul moved.

5. I think you can read all the articles in NYT by adding “?smid=tw-share” to the end of the page address.

6. Kindle is the best human invention since Fire.

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