Life after apocalypse

1. It’s a bit of cliché to start with “It’s been awhile since my last post”, but I am going to use it anyway. It’s really been awhile since my last post. Two full months without any post must be some kind of personal record, eh.

2. Learnt a few things during our wedding prep. I prefer to do everything by myself and don’t really like to delegate tasks to other people, but in the end it only burned me out and that I didn’t really have any choice anyway during the day itself. I simply can’t micromanage everything and must learn to trust other people — our friends, indeed.

3. I am also pretty disorganized at doing things, which kind of makes things worse. I am still so amazed at our committee, who had done a very awesome job during the day. Everything just went as planned.

4. Why the story of two disciples from Emmaus for our wedding liturgy? Introducing Tom Wright: “The couple on the road may well have been husband and wife, Cleopas and Mary (see John 19.25: ‘Clopas’ there is probably the same person as ‘Cleopas’ here). Though we cannot be sure of this, many couples have found the story a wonderful focus for bringing their lives, their problems and their questions before Jesus.” (Luke for Everyone, p. 293) A Wrightian wedding: check. Long live St. Nicholas Thomas Wright, may his tribe increase a thousand-fold more.

4a. Other ideas for wedding liturgy: how about the story of David and Bathsheba? Or perhaps Tamar and Judah?

5. Instead of ‘hubby’ and ‘wifey’, I propose using ‘Starhub’ (broad-band) and ‘Wi-Fi’ instead.

6. Forgot the origin of the following, but I agree that the only non-negotiable roles in marriage are childbearing and breastfeeding. And that’s basically because I am biologically unable to do anything different about it. Otherwise, it is all about mutuality. Practically, though, Cint cooks, I do the dishes — as, if we switch the roles, both of us will probably starve to death.

6a. And now I can’t escape from eating veggies. Great.

7. Really can’t be more thankful for the location of our house. Seven bus options and five bus stops to my office, four bus options and four bus stops to her office. And a bonus: no need to take MRT — if you know what I mean.

8. New daily routine. Wake up at 745am. Take a shower, breakfast, go to work at around 825am. Reach office at 845am. Went back at around 615pm. Reach home at 630pm. Cint finishes preparing the food at around 730pm. Dinner, do the dishes. The Big Bang Theory at 8pm. Well, I guess I just want to highlight The Big Bang Theory part. New season starting soon!

9. It’s time to follow Bundesliga more closely, as I have a subscription for it anyway. Really love the goal-fests there. Marco Reus!

10. Can we start an Indonesian-speaking congregation at True Way Presbyterian Church, like ones in ORPC, BBPC, and CLPC?

11. In case you wonder, apocalypse means ‘uncovering’ or ‘unveiling’, so, yeah, it simply means life after unveiling — of the bride.

12. Thank God. God is good.

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