Royal assent

Just realized that many landmark names around Queenstown area are connected to British royal family (like duh) or have British origin:

1. Queenstown itself. From Wikipedia: “Queenstown was named after Queen Elizabeth to mark her coronation in 1952. The area used to be called by the Chinese name wu wei gang. The arterial road Queensway was officially named in 1954.”

2. Commonwealth Estate, Princess Estate, Duchess Estate, Queen’s Close.

3. Prince Charles Crescent, Prince Philip Ave: Elizabeth’s son and husband.

4. Margaret Drive, which was named after Princess Margaret, the sister of Queen Elizabeth.

5. Alexandra Road, which was named after Queen Alexandra (she really looked like a guy).

6. Canterbury Rd, York Rd, Royal Rd, Eton Rd, etc.

7. Forfar Heights, Strathmore Ave, Stirling Rd: The Scottish connection. From the Heritage Trails website:

When the SIT [the predecessor of HDB] examined the issue of road names in the then new satellite town, it was obvious to connect these to royalty since it was the Queen’s town. As a result, most of the places or road names came from locations in Scotland, where the Queen spent much of her childhood.

Strathmore Avenue: Strathmore means “valley” in Gaelic. This is where the childhood home of Queen Elizabeth II is located.

Forfar Square and Forfar House (since demolished) and today’s Forfar Heights: Forfar is a town near Strathmore.

Dundee Road: Named after Dundee, the city nearest Strathmore.

Stirling Road: Stirling is a city and ancient burgh (division of a large town) in Scotland.


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