Not sure which party has failed Hougang more. WP have one MP ousted for failing to account to his residents, while PAP have punished them for 20 years simply because of their political choice, although they serve the same NS, pay the same taxes, sing the same anthem and recite the same pledge. The fact that Hougang residents have to make sacrifice if they vote for WP actually exposes the very injustice that the PAP have brought into their lives. If the PAP are serious about serving the people in Hougang, they should have done so regardless of who wins the constituency. PM said to Hougang voters, “Make a fresh start.” Well, it should be the other way around. Make a fresh start, PM. Start treating Hougang like everywhere else in Singapore. As the pledge said, regardless of race, language, or religion — and, also, regardless of political affiliation.

(Minister Khaw also said last night that with the ward in opposition hands since 1991, Hougang residents had been adversely affected, and hence asked them to turn over a new page and start again and vote for PAP. I found this utterly shameless and hypocritical. What he didn’t tell you is it is actually the PAP who had adversely discriminated against the Hougang residents since 1991. It’s like saying, “I have been screwing you up for more than 20 years. Now you can vote for me and we can make a fresh start.” Dafuq? That’s why, if Desmond Choo is sincere about serving Hougang residents, he should first acknowledged that his party has been shortchanging the Hougang residents for more than 20 years, apologized for that, and promised that no matter who wins in Hougang, the government will treat Hougang equally as other constituencies. If he loses on Saturday he should keep pushing for government programs in Hougang for the next 4 years. Only by then the Hougang residents will know that Desmond is not merely using carrots to entice them. Like Low Thia Khiang said, political discrimination should not have a place in an inclusive Singapore.)


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