Sowing and reaping

You don’t immediately reap what you sow. There is a time delay between the sowing and the reaping. There is a time to sow, and there is a time to reap. Who we are now is the results of all what we had done in the past, and, likewise, what we are doing now will eventually form our future. For example, I am overweight not because of what I eat today, but because of I have been eating for the past few months. Likewise, what I eat today will contribute to my future health. In some cases, the time delay is short, but in some other cases, the time delay is very long. Character takes years to form and root; habits take time to be internalized.

I think that explains why, although I have been deteriorating recently in life, I don’t feel the effects yet. I am still using up my past “savings” now. The scary part, then, is when my current turbulent form develops fully into a perfect storm. And that’s why sometimes it will be too little too late if you want to fix the problem only when you have already felt the effect.


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