Rollercoaster ride

Arsenal’s 2011-12 EPL campaign in a nutshell:

BAD (Aug-Sep, 15th) – Cesc-Nasri transfer debacle, 8-2 thrashing: 2W 1D 4L

GOOD (Oct-Dec, 4th) – First resurgence: 9W 2D 1L

BAD (Jan, 7th) – No full back episode: 0W 1D 3L

GOOD (Feb-Mar, 3rd) – Second resurgence: 9W 0D 1L

BAD (Apr-May, barely 3rd) – Post-Arteta injury: 1W 3D 1L (8GF 8GA — no Arteta = shitty defense)

Cure: (1) Settle all the transfers before the start of the season. It might sound like a no-brainer but Arsenal can even mess up with this. So, settle the issue with RVP as soon as possible. (2) Not sure about the injuries, it’s really tough luck when you have all your full-backs injured. Arteta’s injury, though, might be related to Wilshere’s long-term injury. No Jack means Arteta needs to play every single game and it finally worn him out at the end of the season. As Jack will return for the next season (like a new signing!), hopefully this problem will be sorted by itself. (But, as one wise man said, the injured will always be with you, so — you better have a deep team!)

For comparison’s sake, title-winning form of City looks like this:

GOOD (Aug-Feb) – Steady and dominant: 21W 3D 3L

BAD (Mar) – March blip: 1W 2D 2L

GOOD (Apr-May) – Final spurt: 6W 0D 0L

As Wenger has pointed out, a title-winning team could only afford 1 bad spell (at most 2) throughout the entire season.


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