Pay Ur Bill

I took over from Alison in March 2008 to take charge of our home’s PUB bills as he would be moving out in a few months time. As this time around it will be my turn to move out from the 662D flat, yesterday I did some fun with the bills before I hand over the task to someone else. And here they are.

For electricity use, there are two trends: (1) An increase of average electricity use from 500 kWh/month in 2008-09 to 600 kWh/month in 2010-12 and (2) a dip in electricity usage every December-February, i.e., Christmas and Chinese New year homecoming.

The recent debate on fuel subsidy in Indonesia basically centered around whether the government has a right to increase or decrease the fuel price automatically according to the rise and fall of global crude oil price. And this is what would happen if a commodity price (in this case, electricity) followed the oil price closely.

(Electricity price is reviewed every quarter, by the way.)

After looking at this graph, now I realized how costly our 2009 toilet bowl leak was. I think I and Martin owed our flatmates a bit here. Without the toilet bowl leak, basically our water usage remained steady at 20 Cu M/month. The Christmas/Chinese New Year homecoming effect is somehow less in this case.

No graph is needed for water price, as it has been basically flat at $1.17/Cu M (for the first 40 Cu M usage and $1.4/Cu M for the additional usage above 40 Cu M) since I don’t know when. Electricity price depends on oil price, but water price, I guess, depends on Singapore’s relationship with Malaysia.

No trend at all for gas usage, hovering around 25 kWh/month.

(It should be correlated with Indomie consumption, I think, but unfortunately I don’t have any data on this.)

Gas rate is similar to electricity rate, pegged to global oil price.

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