Barnabas and Saul

This morning Rev. Ajub noted that in the beginning the adventurous apostolic duo in Acts of the Apostles were called “Barnabas and Paul” before the pair were eventually called as “Paul and Barnabas”, symbolizing Paul’s emerging prominence among the two. Interestingly, the switch occurred at the same time Luke started to call Paul as Paul and not as Saul anymore (Acts 13.9). The final reference to “Barnabas and Saul” was in Acts 13.7, and the next reference to the pair was “Paul and Barnabas” (Acts 14.42). So, it was never “Barnabas and Paul” which evolved to “Paul and Barnabas”. It was “Barnabas and Saul”, followed by the switch from “Saul” to “Paul”, and finally by “Paul and Barnabas”.


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