What disturbs me about the conservative Christians in the US is similar to what disturbs me about the conservative Muslims in Indonesia: their silence when their counterparts do something stupid. (Does it apply to the liberals as well?) They are quick to denounce any slightest liberal tendencies (e.g., theologically, Enns, Waltke, Bell, Licona, or politically, on the issue of abortion & gay marriage) but are eerily silent when one of them pushed the limit at the other direction. The person in case is Rick Perry, the governor of Texas, self-proclaimed evangelical, and a Republican presidential candidate (i.e., the second coming of George W. Bush, inclusive of his intelligence or the lack of it), and his recent remarks about Turkey, where he commented that Turkey is led by “Islamic terrorists”. Admittedly, Perry is not a theologian but a politician and a politician will say anything to appeal to the electorate, but given the marriage between political and theological ideology in America, I expect some kind of denunciation from the evangelicals on this highly divisive remarks, no?


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