Gandhi and Hitler

I came upon this “Why I Hate Religion, But Loves Jesus” video from various shares on Facebook and I noticed that the user has also posted a video which was a remake of Rob Bell’s Love Wins video. Here they are:

You know, the funny thing about these videos are they conform perfectly with the typical questions about universalism. While Rob Bell asked, “Are you sure Gandhi in hell?”, the reply is, “Are you sure Hitler in heaven?” I think I will explain more in a later post, but let’s just say that my own position in this matter is a mix of C. S. Lewis’ story in The Last Battle and Tom Wright’s emphasis of the kingship of Jesus. I believe in universal judgment (we won’t be spared either — all of us will be judged) and I believe in the second coming of Jesus. Jesus will come again as a king and will claim the world as his territory and everyone as his subject. Will there be anyone who will eventually refuse to be his subject? Perhaps, I can’t say that for sure. Will everyone submit to his kingship? I don’t know that, either, but why not? Or, to rehash what Paul has written, shall not every knee bow and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord?

(Comment on the religion vs. Jesus video: This is typical of low church evangelicalism, where people loves to say, “I don’t have religion, what I have is a relationship with God/Jesus.” Well, you know what, every religion claims not to be a religion. A Muslim says that Islam is not a religion but a way of life. A Jew will say that Judaism is not his religion — he is a Jew by birth. And a Buddhist might say that Buddhism is not a religion but a philosophy — or not. You get my point. What you really want to say is “My religion is not like the other religions.” Of course it is not. That’s why we have different religions in the first place.)


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