“We understand Holy Scripture falsely, that is, not as Holy Scripture, if we regard it as fixed, inflexible, self-contained quantity. God is the living God. He is this from everlasting to everlasting. . . Thus we have not only to expect that, by deeper, more precise, more serious, more believing research into Scripture on our part, many a hidden meaning and connexion in these documents will be brought to light; just as by dint of excavations many important and interesting conclusions are to be expected about the life of those who have lived in the near or distant past. For this expectation is naturally limited by the fact that, however hard we try, more cannot be dug up than was originally there. But the investigation of the Bible does not have to reckon with this natural limitation. For the Bible is a living, indeed, in the light of its content, an eternally living thing, so that from the study of it we can expect new truths to meet us–truths which were not accessible to the most conscientious inquiry of yesterday or the day before yesterday, because the Bible itself has not yet brought them to light. What is true of the content of Scripture, that it is unique in essence, is true also of its form. . . we cannot read and understand Holy Scripture without prayer, that is, without invoking the grace of God.” (I/2, 683-4)


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