More quotes from Volf at his A Public Faith:

“A good witness will resist the commodification of wisdom.” (emphasis mine) A very apt summary of what’s happening today in the church, where the gospel is commodified and packaged according to the niches of the market.

“To forgive is to do two things at once: first, it is to name a suffered wrong as wrong. To forgive isn’t to deny or even overlook the wrongdoing but rather to condemn it. No forgiveness without condemnation. But if condemnation is a necessary presupposition of forgiveness, the heart of forgiveness is something else. So to forgive is, second, not to let the wrongdoing count against the wrongdoer. He deserves punishment, but he gets the opposite. He gets grace.” In three words, paraphrasing his old book title, forgiveness is to “exclude and embrace.”

“At the most basic level, the truth-claims of many religions–notably those of Abrahamic faiths–are contained in their sacred texts. My suggestion is that people of faith should practice “hermeneutical hospitality” in regard to each other’s sacred texts.” This is what inspires me to propose a study of “Islamic hermeneutics of the Christian Scriptures.” I want to know how the Muslims (particularly the religious scholars) read and interpret the Christian Bible.


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