I never think that I am rich. I know how rich people looks like, and I am pretty certain that I am not. I always think that I am fully entrenched in the middle-class. Well, until I find this website, where you can enter you annual income and find out how rich you are in the world. Always thinking that I am part of the 99% à la the Occupy movement, I find out that actually I am part of the top 1%. And this puts things into different kind of perspective. Of course, you might say, it is unfair to compare with the whole world, while in fact you are living in a particular city or state which has different median income. An average person living in Singapore (ranked third in the world in term of GDP at PPP per capita) is richer than 99% of the world population, but a rich person in Congo (ranked last) might find himself poorer than the majority of the world population. You might say, as we are living in Singapore, shouldn’t we compare our income with the living standard in Singapore? It’s pretty hard to survive and enjoy living in this city even with that kind of income, no? But, again, how will you feel if you know that you earn more than 6,930,000,000 people in the world? I mean, I don’t buy the idea that you should be thankful when you compare yourself with those who are less fortunate than you. That’s demeaning to the idea of gratitude. You should be thankful all the time, no matter what your circumstances are. Knowing that you are given much more than the ultra-majority of the world should instead give you a sense of responsibility. To whom much was given, much will be required of him or her. I don’t believe in flat-rate tithing. Giving should be progressive. The more you are given, the more you give it back.


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