Just started reading the first few pages of Tom Wright’s Simply Jesus (I bought it at Wheaton bookstore using the 20% discount voucher that the admissions staff gave me after the campus visit). A few early comments:

1. Tom never fails to impress me with his analogies. He’s like the second coming of Jesus in term of parables. Oh wait.

(If you have listened to bad, irrelevant, make-you-scratch-in-the-head sermon illustrations, you will appreciate more the power of good metaphors.)

2. He is as anti-American as ever, and I am clearly his disciple in this regard.

3. He presents two camps (with over-generalization, of course, but the argument still holds water): the “conservative” and the “liberal”, with both asking and insisting on the wrong question, “Did it all happen or didn’t it?” (p. 19) Facts or no facts? Wright responds, “But what about meaning?” (p. 19) I immediately thought, is he going the way of Barth, as what Hays has suggested to him in his lecture on Wheaton conference last year? Knowing Wright, I don’t think it’s the case, as he is still very much into historical study. It is a good development, nonetheless. The question of history and story still bugs me as well.

(By the way, another thing which never fails to impress me: parents asking their children, “Sudah makan belum?” no matter what time it is or where their children are. Happy Mother’s Day. I want to eat tang yuan.)


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