21 December 2011

Jenkins, commenting on perennial wars between the Romans and the Persians, particularly at the end of the sixth century and at the beginning of the seventh century:

“This was, then, a desperately dangerous time for Roman power in the East, and specifically for Christians. Apart from the impact of prolonged war and plague, the Christian world was entering a frighteningly bleak era of shrinking opportunities and intense strains. Although Persia was defeated, large portions of the Eastern world were economically devastated and depopulated, with a crushing tax burden on surviving communities. It was a very bad time indeed to have most of the population of Egypt, Syria, Palestine, and Mesopotamia in varying degrees of disaffection from the empire, verging on open revolt.” (Jesus Wars, how to know the page number from your Kindle?)

And then came Islam, and the rest is history. (Hindsight is 20/20, though.)


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