Next week I will be going to Chicago for one week. Winter is fun for the first time you experience it, but not so much for the subsequent ones. It will be very cold for this tropical flesh and the fact that Chicago is known as the windy city certainly doesn’t help. I will present a paper over there for a conference and I just need to make sure that I don’t screw up during my seven minutes presentation and three minutes Q & A. I will visit Wheaton and Notre Dame as well (Notre Dame is the Latin phrase for Our Lady, which refers to Mary the mother of Jesus; cf. Pater Noster for Our Father), as part of my theological grad school hunting process, this time around in Midwest area. I don’t know whether I will have time to visit the InterVarsity Press again, but even if I do I am not sure whether I want to pay homage to IVP, as I have overshot my book budget for this year (although a prospect of having 60% discount is deeply enticing and hard to resist). Afterwards, I will be in Constantinople or Byzantium or now known as Istanbul for two days. And this should be fun.


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