I just begin my foray into The Life and Ministry of John Sung (Lim Ka-Tong, 2011), the second book of Sung which I received for review. I would say that it is pretty helpful in illuminating why Sung did so and so. For example, I have noted earlier Sung’s antagonistic attitude towards education. This passage might explain the background of such attitude: “In 1905, the centuries-old civil examination system was abolished. This was recognition that the ancient educational system was totally incompatible with the modern age of science. The vacuum of a viable education system created an unparalleled opportunity of missionary agencies. The Chinese began turning to mission schools. Western education became accepted as a pragmatic and effective means of improving the society. Westernization means tangible and real benefits for the people.” (p. 9) I guess Sung was afraid that these mission schools could become pragmatic themselves in their approach, that by seizing the opportunity blindly they could leave behind what their true vocation was.


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