I want to puke when I read tweet reports from Values Voter Summit 2011 (Washington Post’s @OnFaith covered it well). It is a perfect example of syncretic civil religion in the guise of Christianity. A few samples for your treat:

  • “God did not create this country to be a nation of followers. America is not destined to be one of several equally balanced global powers. America must lead the world, or someone else will.” (Mitt Romney)
  • “I believe that God moved the founding fathers around like men on a chessboard.” (Steve King)
  • “Those in the White House today don’t believe in America’s exceptionalism.” (Rick Perry) Well, I am glad they don’t!
  • “America is the shining city on a hill.” (Eric Cantor)
  • “When you reject God . . . you end up with expansive government.” (Tony Perkins)

Just face it. A significant segment of American evangelicalism (and Mormons) has sold its soul (if any) to an idol and that idol is not the Father of Jesus Christ. This is a so-called Christianity wedded with American conservatism (or puritanism wedded with supersessionism). The left has its own problems, but at least they don’t name and claim god as often as their right-wing counterparts. Seriously, the U.S. is a huge mess. It has become so polarized such that it is almost impossible to be “in the middle.” In moments like these, I prefer a more consistent secularism in Europe. Let’s be honest. It is not about god; it is mainly about us. So don’t drag god around to baptize our own agendas. It is disgusting.

(And, there you go. I just followed Tom Wright’s predisposition to damning America.)


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