It is still my intent

After getting his Master degree in chemistry, John Sung continued to pursue his doctorate in the same field. Here is what he wrote to his parents describing his struggle to make the decision:

“I do not know if I can be a famous chemist and a well-known theologian at the same time. After looking at the history of the world, I concluded that one can only be successful in a particular field. I fear that if I were to try for both, I may end up losing them all. I have heard the call from our Heavenly Father, since my childhood, to work towards the Kingdom of Heaven. Why does the Heavenly Father call me to bring Christian revival to the country and yet confer me such deep interest in Chemistry? It is still my intent to pursue a doctorate in Chemistry.” (The Diary, p. 24)

When I read this, I think it is actually a luxury to be able to choose between two fields (assuming that self-delusion has been ruled out from the equation). Reflecting on my situation now, I am afraid that my desire to study theology in the future is not because I want to be obedient to God’s calling, but because of my shortcomings in my current field (and hence perpetuating the second-class image of theologians).


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