An angry fan

As the second part of Airplane Chase episode in Angry Birds Rio has just been released, it means that, by my uneducated guess, each game in the Angry Birds franchise is left with another episode for all of them.

For the main version, if you go to the golden eggs page, the first page has 15 golden eggs (3 rows x 5 eggs/row) and the second page has 11 golden eggs. It fits perfectly for another episode with 3 worlds (a golden egg for each world + a golden egg for three-starring the whole episode), which would make the total number of golden eggs to be 30 (7 episodes x 4 golden eggs/episode + 1 golden egg in the help menu and 1 golden egg on the credits). And the setting of the next episode would be the pigs’ castle, of course! That’s where the pigs hide after they are beaten in each episode and so far we haven’t got inside their castle yet.

For Seasons, the Seasons free window has 2 pages, and each page is filled with 4 episodes. So far there are only 5 episodes in Seasons free (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine, St. Patrick’s, and Easter), although there are already 7 episodes in the full version (plus Summer and Mooncake Festival). So I guess it would be just nice to have these two pages filled with 8 episodes, which means another episode for Seasons. Deepavali? Thanksgiving? Hanukkah? New Year? The problem with Seasons, of course, is that they have gone through the whole calendar year and they can’t repeat the festivals that they have used.

For Rio, it is clear from the beginning that they would have 6 episodes (Warehouse, Jungle, Beach, Carnival, Airport, and Plane — plus one hidden episode: Golden Beachball). Now that Airport Chase has been completed, we just need to wait for Plane episode, the final setting in the movie itself.

Of course, I will be very happy if Rovio has even more episodes for these versions, but I guess it is time for entirely new games in the franchise. They, indeed, have been talking about making a game from the perspective of the pigs, and AngryBirdsNest has come out with various interesting proposals of what the next Angry Birds games could be like. After more than eight hundred levels of Angry Birds, I still can’t get enough of pigs and birds.


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