Live long and prosper

I suspect that deep inside our churches hold a latent prosperity theology (or that I am simply an overseas Chinese). We won’t admit it upfront that we like to be blessed. But I wonder whether our particular affinity to the slogan “blessed to be a blessing” is due to the earlier part or the latter part of the clause. I can happily embrace that statement, since it means that at least God will bless me, won’t he? And, let’s admit it, all of us are still yearning to go to a better land. This insight is of course not new at all, since we are simply continuing our heritage, as our forefathers went to Southeast Asia looking for a better life. The diaspora churches in Singapore themselves are products of second wave of immigration. And it won’t stop. We are also awed by bona fide schools and companies, and justify our ambition to be admitted there as “a strategic place to witness Christ” or “an opportunity to exert larger Christian influence in the world.” I think it is better to drop this religious justification altogether. Let us not co-opt God into this. It makes me feel like a terrorist, seriously.


One thought on “Live long and prosper

  1. dpredie

    it (the latent prosperity thought) runs deep inside the stalwart participant of today’s age: the middle class.

    i suspect peer pressure is the one that forces you to justify/baptize your ambitions without lifelong thought. authenticity is proven by time.


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