Majulah Indonesia

This week Indonesians will celebrate our Independence Day and it means we would sing Indonesia Raya again at church. Interestingly, this year a few friends asked me whether I sang the anthem or not. I must have been notorious enough, huh (the answer is no, I still didn’t). Anyway, when we looked at the service programme, Cint noticed that we would sing Indonesia Bagi KemuliaanMu in the service. So we thought that there wouldn’t be any Indonesia Raya anymore, although it didn’t turn out that way. Add Betapa Kita Tidak Bersyukur for the hymn of offering to that and we had three explicitly Indonesian-themed songs on Sunday. Of course, we do have other special themed services throughout the year, and so I guess it is understandable to sing those songs (I sang the other two) to commemorate the independence. Well, perhaps I have become more moderate than last year. Majulah Indonesia!

(And I just realized that I have written on this topic for three years in a row. OCD dies hard.)


2 thoughts on “Majulah Indonesia

    1. septian Post author

      i was thinking about the whole thing haha, e.g., why indonesians sang merdeka, merdeka, while singaporeans sang majulah, majulah.


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