Museum Day

Today is the National Day and it means all museums are free for admission. We went to Asian Civilisation Museum, Singapore Art Museum, and National Museum of Singapore. There was an exhibition of terracota warriors in the ACM and we joined a fascinating guided tour on Shivaism as well. Meanwhile, I don’t know what to say about SAM. It’s suffice to say that if someone enrolls me to the school of Arts in NTU, I will definitely fail my school. The NMS is pretty interesting. Currently there is an exhibition of Vacheron Constantin, which somehow interestingly featured John Calvin. I used to hear that Geneva has become very good in making watches because of Calvinistic influence, but today I learnt a new reason why it was so: Calvin banned all unnecessary ornamental professions (true to Reformed principles) and hence many people resorted to making watches. By the middle of the 18th century, 1/5 population of Geneva was involved in making watches and today there is a very long tradition of watchmaking in Geneva.

(But I guess there is no correlation whatsoever between the sovereign God of Calvinism and the watchmaker God.)


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