John R. W. Stott (1921-2011)

A few links about the death of John Stott on 27 July 2011 (somehow fittingly, he died at the same time when the IFES World Assembly was held in Krakow, Poland — as he said, he would always be an IFES man):

1. Nicholas Kristof: Evangelicals Without Blowhards (and NYT obituary)

(From NYT archive: “If evangelicals could elect a pope, Stott is the person they would likely choose.”)

2. CT: John Stott and the Weary Evangelical

3. ABC Religion: Christ Abolished Death

4. Lausanne: John Stott Dies Aged 90

5. IVP: John Stott Lives On

6. John Stott Memorial

7. Generous Orthodoxy: “Very much like John Paul II, another celibate who was surrounded by men all his life, he was apparently somewhat clueless about women.”

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