The Aviangers

1. For those who are frustrated and could not top their own high score for a particular level: of course it will be difficult, since you will be competing against your maximum score and not your median/mean score. And maximum score is usually an outlier statistically, right? In my estimation, usually it will take 100 attempts to approximate your high score again — unless you have found a new and better strategy to beat the level, which is, well, another pretty rare occurrence. That’s why it is frustratingly addictive.

2. Angry Birds exemplifies what Andy Crouch terms as “horizons of possibility” on his book Culture Making. He wrote that a cultural good opens up new horizons of possibility, new things that can be done using the particular good (on the other hand, it also closes down other horizons of possibility). The cultural good for this particular case is the touch-screen technology. Angry Birds exists because of that technology. To put it in another way, you can play Angry Birds using a mouse, but it doesn’t serve its original purpose. Or, you could translate older games into touch-screen platform, but they will live in an alien habitat. Again, the form determines what the contents are. And Angry Birds fits like a glove with this platform. That’s why it is remarkably successful. It is the app.


2 thoughts on “The Aviangers

    1. septian Post author

      i just knew that if somehow you managed to throw off pigs (and etc) too far off-screen, you wouldnt be credited with the 5k =.= and i never zoom out whenever i play..


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