Losing perspective

“Ada yang menyebar harta, tetapi bertambah kaya,
ada yang menghemat secara luar biasa, namun selalu berkekurangan.” (Ams 11.24)

Naturally, this verse means that, as verse 25 says, “a generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” But I couldn’t help thinking that the rich will remain rich even if they give their possessions away, and that the poor restrain from giving because they don’t have anything in the first place!

Anyway. I lost my wallet (while watching the super bad Transformers 3 — I might be biased, but it doesn’t worth your time and money).

Which means that, aside from cash, lots of plastic cards, some valuable and others not so much, many need to be replaced, were gone as well.

(I should have applied for card protection plan, but I guess somehow you always learn about these things after the incident.)

Which makes me to think a lot where my heart truly lies — it turns out that I love the good ol’ Mammon.

I even think which one is worse, to lose my wallet or to lose my handphone — with its Angry Birds data.

Really hope that this incident would re-align my perspective of what really matters in life, and what is not.

Now, I shall continue “menghemat secara luar biasa”…


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