Militarization of Judah

When I read through 2 Chronicles, one thing that stood out for me recently is how the author highlighted the achievement of kings of Judah in terms of its militarization, of how the kings fortified Judah and built fortresses to protect the country. Given the situation of post-exilic Judah, I guess the author wanted to teach the people how they could protect themselves from future foreign invasions, not to mention that they would be eventually subdued by the Greek and the Romans afterwards. Nevertheless, it is troubling indeed (although it is still expected) to see how national defense pre-occupied the people of God as much as the other people. The defense budget nowadays is also unreasonably high. The world spends US$ 1.6 trillion per year for military purposes, of which the USA spends more than 40% of it. Do you know that the USA spends US$ 20 billion annually on air conditioning in Iraq and Afghanistan? Or that Singapore ranks 4th for military expenditures per capita?

3 thoughts on “Militarization of Judah

    1. septian Post author

      NS, indeed, constitutes what Singaporean is. (Hence the outcry when a parliament candidate who was a new citizen claimed that he had done his NS by saving kids — he was a pediatrician.) In NTW’s term, NS is the badge.

      1. dpredie

        well what the pediatrician did was a subset of “total defense”, but not a part of “NS”, which, in turn, also a part of “total defense”


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