Not over the hump yet

I think I have said elsewhere that writing a paper is akin to giving birth. Not that I know exactly how it feels, but I guess everyone would agree that it really hurts before the child is born and that you feel really glad afterwards. Well, the problem is my first paper is way overdue, seriously (pun intended). I am like an elephant!

Moreover, the first publication is the most important one as only by then you would know whether you are fertile or not. I have not got over the hump yet. I need the first paper badly. It’s like the current crop of Arsenal players. Without the first championship, they are simply a team with potential. But that’s it. And that’s why they also have a problem now in winning a cup. They don’t have the winning mentality yet. Well, let just hope that I won’t end my journey as disastrously as Arsenal did this season.


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