Scraps and scribbles 13

1. When we pray for more Pauls to come, are we aware that, as Yosua would say, Stephens are the prerequisite of Pauls? Are we ready that we could perhaps be called as one of the Stephens — stoned to die by the eventual Paul?

2. I really wish that we could be more consistent with the call of suffering. We applaud it when we see other people doing it (friars, missionaries, humanitarian workers, war reporters, etc.), but we abhor it when it comes to ourselves or our children.

3. Somehow I still can’t read Scriptures in English comfortably. I just can’t use an English Bible yet for my dialy staple of Scripture reading. I can’t really pray in English as well, but for this case it perhaps tells more about my lack of praying habit.

4. Angry Birds: How to break into the top of the leaderboard.


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