Die Übermenschen

I think it is appropriate to cast Sebastian Shaw as a former Nazi doctor for X-Men: First Class the movie. The Nazi believed that the German Aryans are the supreme race of humankind on earth, and Shaw believed that the mutants are indeed a higher form of human being. Charles Xavier, to some extent, shared such belief, although it has a different implication for him. As a “more noble” man, he wants to protect his “less noble” neighbors, while Shaw (and, later, Magneto, after he finally managed to convince him) believed that we must all mutate to mutants now to share this higher stage of evolution together.

This kind of explicit racism, unfortunately, is well alive in our world today. In the heyday of Western imperialism, there was a belief that the Europeans were higher than the Africans and hence the institutions of slave trade and slavery. (The fact that it was supposedly supported with biblical injunctions made it worse.) Today, perhaps you want to say that slavery and apartheid are no more (which is wrong anyway), but in practice racism is alive and kicking. For example, I was taught from my early age that the Chinese were better than the indigenous people where we live in. I am still trying to rehabilitate myself from this view, but I need to admit that often I still submit to it subconsciously.

Moreover, what’s actually more dangerous than this is perhaps the modern belief that education is salvific. I need to admit as well that there are a lot of times when I encountered a stupid situation and said, “Sigh. If only they are more educated.” I need to admit that I can be a hell of elitist at times. Of course, education is very useful and beneficial in a lot of sense, but I guess education alone does not make you a better person.

Christians, by the way, are aware that there are two types of human beings. There is Adam, and there is Christ. All of us are in Adam in our old state, while Christ is the archetype of the new humanity. Of course, this kind of old/new distinction can create yet another instance of class-ism. I am a Christian, you are not; hence, I am higher than thou — that kind sort of thing. That’s why it is really, really important to realize that even when you are in Christ, it is not by your virtue — at all. Christ must remain the center of our identity. It is not about us at all. It also helps if you constantly remind yourself that you share the Adam-ness with the rest of humanity. In that way I guess we could avoid the pitfall of implicitly positioning ourselves above the others, to act as if we are a “more noble” human race.


One thought on “Die Übermenschen

  1. dpredie

    instead of formal education, i think learning different cultures can be salvific; the one who goes across loses his prejudice, the culture he is studying gains egalitarian respect.


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