A republic of mediatrices

How difficult is it to say like the Baptist, “He must become greater; I must become less”? I seriously find it troubling that many Christian leaders, some purposefully and others unintentionally, are shaping their followers according to their own image. What is supposedly a personal preference has become a church dogma. Isn’t it clear that clothing, no matter how cool it is, or Western classical music, no matter how beautiful it is, is a mere cultural product with a distinctive spatio-temporal milieu and hence must not be elevated to the level of orthodoxy? Can we agree that mission is not identical with mission strategy? Can we stop imposing our own personal vision, no matter how noble it is, to our church or fellowship? Sometimes I just facepalm when I see us acting like little Christs, each competing to get a tiny share of the kingdom of God. It is really wrong when you and all of your friends have become more and more identical like your pastor or spiritual leader. He must become greater — I must become less. Our life must be perpetually a witness and only a witness to Christ!


3 thoughts on “A republic of mediatrices

  1. HM

    coz they take it what st. Paul said, “FOLLOW ME! as I have followed Christ” to the extreme, lol.


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