Come, let us sing for joy

Psalm 95

vv. 1-2: Call to worship YHWH
vv. 3-5: Why? Because YHWH is the god who made the earth
v. 6: Reiteration of call to worship YHWH as our Maker
v. 7: Transition from YHWH as our Maker to YHWH as our Saviour
vv. 8-11: Warning to the congregation what would happen if they don’t worship YHWH (possibly in the form of exile) as an acknowledgment of his acts of deliverance for them, which was illustrated by the story of their forefathers who was in the wilderness for 40 years as a result of their grumblings against YHWH and their forgetfulness of mighty acts of YHWH in Egypt.

So the Psalm nicely put this bi-character of YHWH (echoing Wright) as our Maker and our Savior and how we should worship him for who he is. The transition is inserted seamlessly in vv. 6-7. The call to worship, though, is presented in different forms. It is given positively for YHWH as our Maker but negatively (in the form of warning) for YHWH as our Savior.


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