Unity? What kind of unity?

After listening for the umpteenth time to a sermon about church unity from John 17, I began to question the common assumption made that Jesus had in mind our current disunity when he said his prayer. I mean, it is either Jesus is a highly good prophet of church condition of our era or the church on John’s time was already as divided as ours today. We readily assume that Jesus is praying for church unity because the church is divided. We assume that the problem is church division and the solution is the prayer of Jesus. Well, is this the problem that Jesus referred to in his prayer? Can we imagine another kind of church unity, which is based on the text itself? What does it mean if Jesus said the church shall be one just as his Father is in him and he is in his Father? How is this trinitarian unity enfleshed out in practice? What does it mean if Jesus said he has given the church the glory that his Father has given him and hence the church may be one? What is the relation between this glory and church unity?


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