Angry Birds finale

I think I have reached my very limit in (regular) Angry Birds OCD-ing, and here is the final result:

Episode 1: 4 101 750 (+101 750, 42nd)
Episode 2: 3 461 870 (+161 870, 38th)
Episode 3: 4 816 470 (+16 470,  34th)
Episode 4: 3 945 080 (+45 080, 27th)
Episode 5: 4 416 740 (+46 740*, 13th)

Total score: 20 741 910 (14th)

1. The points breakdown parallels nicely with the order I got the addict scores: Episode 2-5-1-4-3. That is the order from the easiest to the hardest one personally. Similarly, I managed to pass the addict score for Episode 2 comfortably and for Episode 3 barely.

2. The ranks given are for Singapore. Notice that the rank is getting higher and higher for later episodes. It perhaps shows that many better players don’t update their Angry Birds anymore after playing the first few episodes, and thus the inflated overall rank.

3. An angry fan asked, “Will there ever be Episodes 6 and beyond?!” Who else wants an Angry Birds competition in Singapore? Kee chiu!

4. This is so striving after the wind, ha!

*Officially, the addict score is set at 4100000, but I guess they don’t include the additional three Facebook stages, which makes Episode 5 the easiest episode to obtain addict score. I provisionally set the total score for the additional three stages to be 270000, and thus increasing the addict score to 4370000 for Episode 5. It could explain the overall rank inflation as well, as some of the better players might have not bothered to increase their score after getting the official addict score for Episode 5. Thus although in general I was ranked in the late 30s and 40s for other episodes, I got the 14th rank for Episode 5.


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