1a. I don’t know which one is more ironic: a pirated-DVD store playing Christian songs or me buying loads of DVD over there.

1b. I bought several DVDs last Friday but I couldn’t play two of them. So I went again to the store this evening to replace them. Yes I just make a fuss over a 70 cents piece of disk. Amazingly, the cover (and the recordings) for one of the films has changed. It is a mere five days away and they have had a new version of the film. The turnover in pirated-DVD industry is really fast.

2. Now that the National Development (a.k.a. Housing) Minister Mah Bow Tan is not included in the new cabinet, I remembered wanting to ask whether the policy to make HDB affordable and as a piece of investment is actually a pseudo-bubble. Well, basically it plays into basic economic principle (and human nature) of wanting to buy as cheap as possible and to sell as expensive as possible (and that’s why many people buy into the idea). But, on the other hand, HDB is still a public housing project which original aim is to provide affordable housing for the people.

3. Will the church kill itself if it keeps dumbing down its younger generation?

2 thoughts on “DVD and HDB

  1. Veronica

    beli DVD apa lu? pelm silat cina ya haha…
    HDB kayanya susah jd investment deh… kecuali lokasi super bagus spt tiong bahru, maybe?


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