Thirteen years later

Today marks 13 years after the Trisakti tragedy, which was followed by 3-day riots all over Indonesia, particularly in Jakarta. What did you do at those days? What is your lasting impression of the incident and the riots? How was your life changed because of the tragedy?

I played football in the morning before our parents told us to get inside our house, as there are rumours that the surrounding residents will attack our estate (the predominantly Chinese estates in the suburb, West-North Jakarta are usually built at the expense of and surrounding non-Chinese, poorer residential areas). The rumour didn’t materialize on our estate, but it certainly did elsewhere, with fatal effects.

I also know a neighbour who lost his shop during the riot and never worked again since then. He was pretty successful at that time. Since then he has sold his house and his car to survive and now his second child couldn’t get into the uni because he doesn’t have any money to support him. The wound is real.

(Side story: The presidential election is still 3 years away and Bakrie has started campaigning on TV! I’m pretty sure he will make Sidoarjo Lapindo mud an official tourist attraction if he becomes the president.)


2 thoughts on “Thirteen years later

  1. dpredie

    in chinese tradition, the MUD of the YELLOW river brings forth prosperity and joy. to top it all, he is a BUSINESSMAN. hidup cina!


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