Hall allocation and foreign students

Dear Mr. Lim Zi Rui,

I think the distance-weighted system for hall allocation in NTU is designed to serve justice for students who live far away from the campus. Thus, students who live in Bedok will be granted more points than those who live in Pioneer. In that case, students who live far away from the campus have more advantage and thus more possibility to live in campus than those who don’t. It makes sense. Those who live in Pioneer might not even need to live in campus halls. And, correspondingly, the logic is extended to the international students, since they live so far, far away from their home.

And, I think we must note as well that the weight regresses along with the number of years of study. Again, it makes sense as well. After living a few years in Singapore, international students more or less have adapted well with the surroundings such that it is more feasible for them to look for accommodation outside campus.

So, it’s not about the government privileging the foreign students against the local students. I know it’s cool nowadays to attack the recent immigration policy, but at least you should interpret the respective policy rightly.

(I am aware that there is a scholarship scheme which does guarantee hall accommodation for the international students who are given such scholarship, but in general international students must fight for hall accommodation. Indeed, in some sense they are actually at disadvantage, since they need to adapt to the CCA schemes, which are not new for the local students. Mr. Lim, by the way, is a final year MAE student who last year famously bantered with SM Goh in the ministerial forum held in NTU. I wish him well for his exams and FYP presentation. I hope his candidacy for the Reform Party in Ang Mo Kio GRC doesn’t cost him graduation this July.)


Sigh. Acute dilemma kicks in if you wanted to vote No for the incumbent and No as well for the other contestant and knowing that spoiling your vote might not be a good idea.

(On the other hand, the lousy quality of some of the opposition parties is partly due to the everlasting one-party dominance as well. Of all the opposition parties, if I am a Singaporean, I can only vote for WP, SDP, and SPP with good conscience. I am still ambivalent about NSP, and I don’t know what to say about RP and SDA.)


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