Lee Kong Chian

A nice story about Lee Kong Chian (from 10:15 onwards):


3 thoughts on “Lee Kong Chian

  1. pedro

    i wonder how many christians in his contested GRC listened to this rally speech, or in fact, if those christians cared to even bother about politics at all?

    if they did, it would be vincent, not vivian in the parliament now. and there is more “balance” in the parliament from the opposition.

    1. septian Post author

      from yawningbread:


      “Less often spoken about is the factor I name �private properties�, referring to the percentage of voters living in private housing (as opposed to public �HDB� housing). Joo Chiat is 100 percent [correction: 99 percent] private housing. There�s a high percentage also in East Coast, Holland-Bukit Timah and Mountbatten. There is a considerable number of private homes along the Thomson corridor but I reckon these are heavily outnumbered by not one, but two HDB townships of Bishan and Toa Payoh. Tanjong Pagar too would have a significant percentage of private condominiums, but it was not contested.

      Analysts have known for a while that the readiness to vote for an opposition party increases with educational level, though not any Tom, Dick and Harry opposition will do. Give voters a strong candidate or good party branding and they are relatively easy for the opposition to win over. Educational level correlates with income and housing type. One therefore sees this effect in places like Mountbatten and Holland-Bukit Timah where, even the absence of long-term groundwork, opposition candidates/parties got a noticeable boost.

      For example, last night, speaking to the candidates and counting agents from the SDP, I heard that in the public housing parts of the constituency, e.g. parts of Clementi, Ghim Moh and Bukit Panjang, their vote-share was in the low-to-mid-thirties range (i.e. not much different from HDB heartland areas like Yuhua, Bukit Panjang and Sembawang where the party also contested). Yet, the SDP ended up with nearly 40 percent vote-share overall in Holland-Bukit Timah. Since press reports have given a figure of 70:30 public housing: private housing split in this group representation constituency, what it means is that the private housing areas probably gave a slight majority (50 � 55 percent?) to the party.”

      thus, interestingly, it was the “upper-class” who are more willing to vote for the opp. perhaps those living in hdb have too much “risk” to vote for the opp, as they have already too little safety net now. thus it explains huge margin for pap in hdb-strong areas, e.g., in the west (west coast, jurong, chua chu kang), and in sembawang.


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