Election links and miscellania

1. The “office” of Chiam See Tong, an opposition MP for the past 27 years.

2. Who said Yes and who said No to casino in Singapore? (For my Chen Li friends: Elder Gan said No.)

3. There is flood today in Bishan (DPM Wong’s GRC) and Ang Mo Kio (PM’s GRC). The lightning god has spoken. Repent! Repent!

4. Your vote is secret!

5. Final day of rally: The ruling party is having all-out rallies for tomorrow! There are two GRCs where the ruling party and the opposition parties will have concurrent rallies: Aljunied GRC and Bishan Toa-Payoh GRC. I guess it shows where the ruling party is concerned with the opposition: Workers’ Party ‘A’ team and Chiam See Tong, respectively.

6. If the Workers’ Party hold a screening of Thor on Friday, the cooling off day, will it break the rule?

7. As long as Singapore doesn’t have freedom of the press, Singaporeans need freedom from the press.

8. In a week’s time, I met the Minister of Finance and another PAP candidate for Jurong GRC, and shook hand with the opposition candidate in my constituency. That’s what the election can do for you.

9. PM had a “live” chat in Facebook. I guess that’s his last ditch to reach out for the netizens, who are overwhelmingly against the ruling party. Perhaps he knew that what many of them want is to be listened to, for them to vent out their frustration? That once they have released their anger, they are willing to trust themselves to the good ol’ party again? And PM ended his chat with TTFN: Ta Ta For Now. Power sia.


4 thoughts on “Election links and miscellania

  1. dpredie

    Kalo jd mp dr jaman tu blogger sd mah emg udah ‘dijatah’ dr atas. Play the ‘necessary evil’. U know, a la gospel of judas

    1. septian Post author

      LKY (& GCT) vs CST on GRC system to protect the minority representation in the parliament (“there are some fundamental primeval differences”):

      CST: “Despite the fact that Potong Pasir is not included in the upgrading programme, I still support the bill [which will benefit other constituencies.]”


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