Fall from grace

I wonder why many good leaders become really bad during their final years of life. In the biblical narratives, Saul, Solomon, and Hezekiah come into examples. And now comes LKY. I really respect him for what he has done to Singapore, but I guess now I need to differentiate his profile as the founding father of Singapore with his later years. You know, it is sad to see how he still resort to scare tactics to woo voters in Aljunied, the most hotly contested constituency in this coming election: “What will happen to your property values and your own comfort, the drains and mosquitoes and so on in the five years [if the opposition wins]?” Thus, he said, “If they choose [the opposition], then I say, good luck to them. They have five years to ruminate and to regret what they did. And I have no doubts they will regret it.” Seriously, can we have at least a fair playing field for both the ruling party and the opposition parties? Has not SM Goh championed clean fights for this election?


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