Good links

When you can’t write, at least you can still point to those who write well. (Self-justification abounds.) Christos anesti!

1. Tom Wright: Jesus and the perfect storm.

2. Tom Wright again: Can we believe in the resurrection?

3. Tom Wright’s BFF, the Archbishop of Canterbury: Easter letter 2011 – “The Victory is Won.”

4. Tom Wright’s New Testament translation is going to be officially called The Kingdom New Testament.

5. Rowan Williams’ Holy Week Lectures on Narnia. (HT: F&T)

6. Rowan Williams’ 2011 Easter sermon: “Christian joy, the joy of Easter, is offered to the world not to guarantee a permanently happy society in the sense of a society free from tension, pain or disappointment, but to affirm that whatever happens in the unpredictable world – sometimes wonderfully, sometimes horribly unpredictable – there is a deeper level of reality, a world within the world, where love and reconciliation are ceaselessly at work.”

7. Kim Fabricius: Lose your faith.

8. Japan’s Christians celebrate Easter amid disaster. (HT: Peter)


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