Appropriate referencing

Overseen in the back cover of The Hospital DVD:

Janganlah hendaknya kerajinanmu kendor, biarlah rohmu menyala-nyala dan layanilah Tuhan. (Budianto Lim)

I understand perfectly that perhaps whoever designed the cover wanted to quote what Kak Budi memorably said during (or after) the musical (I can’t really remember it; in fact, I can’t remember when it was held — was it two years ago?), but I guess at least he or she should have acknowledged the original verse whence it came from, i.e., Romans 12.11. (So, yeah, it is not Kak Budi’s fault for this misattribution.)

Anyway, similarly, it is not too uncommon to find as well Christians who misattributed sources of sentences that they heard from their pastor. Well, usually it is because of the pastor himself doesn’t tell the congregation where the original quote comes from, such that it sounds like he is the one who invents the quote. So, instead of attributing the quote from the original source, they end up attributing the quote from their pastor. If you combine this with a common pattern of idolizing of pastors, it will make the respective person adore his or her pastor even more for saying an oh-so-profound wisdom.

(I know that I am being a nit-picky jerk here, but I guess it will be wonderful if all of us learn to properly credit sources of information that we pass on, especially, you know, if it includes scriptural reference.)

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