Finding the golden Easter egg

In Angry Birds Seasons, Easter Eggs 1-16.

Hint: You need some luck to get it.

(spoiler alert! — after the jump)

The golden egg is on the upper right corner of the screen. It’s not there since I’ve taken it — but you could still see its “nest”. Anyway, after countless (failed) attempts of launching aviatic missiles, I then realized that the wall is impregnable. And that’s when I noticed that on the bottom left corner lied a four-leaf clover. Bomb it with the white bird and you’ll get your golden egg.

PS: There is a bug in level 1-2 — sometimes the bird can’t stop spinning if it is stuck in the egg nest. And that the other golden egg in 1-6 is pretty straightforward to get. There are many golden eggs to find in this episode! It is Easter, really!

(HT: neel_h20)


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